This bed and breakfast option has five spacious luxurious bedrooms to let out, with ensuite modern bathrooms. King size beds and bed warmers ensure a good day’s rest and comfortable sleep. All rooms have splendid views to the pear orchards flanking home, (you can literally pluck the pears off the trees from your rooms), and yet lots of sunlight pours in. Rooms of course are fitted with dish TV. Rainwater showers dispense warm solar heated water. Natural soaps, locally hand made leave you smelling fresh and nice, soften and moisturise your skin too! Fresh clean pure white linen are washed at home and sun dried, with ample fresh water available right at home!

Breakfasts are fresh, homemade, healthy and hopefully tasty- usually traditional Indian fare, prepared by the hosts. You will be treated to lots fresh fruit, dextrously cut by Dinesh, procured locally. Freshly brewed coffee or tea are complementary, especially when there is free range cow’s milk available

Other Amenities

  • Lunch and dinner can be provided, based on menu preferred by guests at additional cost, a day’s notice needed
  • Round the clock Internet (please be forewarned that Kodaikanal faces inclement weather and power outages more often than the plains) hence we have to be lucky for 24×7 connectivity!
  • A personal collection of book titles, magazines etc
  • Indoor board games
  • Ample car parking space